ACL Wah Education Trust (Former Wah Cement Company Education Trust) was established on 3 May 1994 with its Service Rules and Bye Laws to administer the Educational institutions of the Company under a Governing Body given in the Bye Laws with the primary aim of providing free of cost education to employees wards or on reduced rates to be decided from time to time keeping in view school’s financial position.

Brief History

The education institutions of the former WCCL were initially established as primary school under district Attock in1942 with only two teachers and strength of 48 students. It was taken over by Associated Cement Wah (AC Wah) in 1949 and the strength of teachers and students increased to 5 and 129 respectively. This primary school was upgraded as middle school in 1953 in 1959, the Girls section was separated and shifted to the then Ladies Club. In 1969, Boys school was upgraded to secondary level (High School) and Girls Section was also upgraded to High School in 1979.

The Administration and Financing of the AC Wah Model Schools remained the responsibility of the management of AC Wah until 03 May 1994 when it was decided to run the schools under the arrangement of a Trust to be partially financed by the Company and partially through normal fee charged from the students.

ACET Schools As At Present

At present Askari Cement Education Trust runs Boys High School and Girls High School having both the Urdu and English Medium Classes.

  • Boys High School

  • School's Main Building

  • Junior Section

  • Senior Section

  • Girls High School

  • Beautiful Lawns at the school