Students activities while performing at stage showing patriotism and love for their country for Independence Day, Defence Day, Iqbal Day, Quaid Day and other national days.

Similarly inter house and inter school competitions performance for NAAT & Qirrat , Quiz, Drama, Elocution, Debate and Sport events like Athletics, Karatay, Gymnastics, Band Show & Parade etc.

National and international activities sharing of students and teachers performance with syllabus and theme based material as on line through British Council programmes.

Annual sports and parents' day celebrations have been presented by young kids with national themes in the form of Tableaus. Art and Science Projects exhibitions have been arranged and local community was invited to see the efforts of students through their handmade Art and Science projects.

True projection of science model and other syllabus activities was shown to the community with their interest and Principal cum Administrator Muhammad Zaman Cheema paid special thanks to the management of ACL for their cooperation in the arrangements of these activities and also paid thanks to the community for their interest and encouraging remarks.

  • Iqbal Day

  • Peace Day

  • Sport Day

  • Independence Day

  • Plantation