Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives so as to provide commitment of the management to formulate and implement such policies which shall include, but not be limited to, corporate philanthropy, energy conservation, environmental protection measures, community investment and welfare schemes, consumer protection measures, welfare spending for under-privileged classes, industrial relations, employment of special persons, occupational safety and health, business ethics and anti-corruption measures, national-cause donations, contribution to national exchequer, rural development programmes and any other such activity which can be deemed as part of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company.

ACL has established Askari Cement Education Trust (ACET) in 1994 which is run by a Governing Body. The Trust runs two High Schools (Boys & Girls) in which children (1300) of employees as well as non employees are studying.

As part of CSR, ACL also donates to many educational institutions/NGOs/NPOs.